A method of operating multiple screw jacks at the same time

When choosing a screw jack, you may have a headache to buy what brand of good, for the need to bear the heavy load of the jack, choose a strong quality, affordable jack is what customers need, mechanical handle jack is absolutely trustworthy.

ASAKA jack, whether from the material selection and manufacturing, or appearance design, are in the spirit of the attitude of excellence, the pursuit of perfection, cast iron to make the material durable, good compression resistance, compared with the ordinary jack on the market has obvious advantages, its reasonable appearance design, looks high-end generous.

In terms of service, the company is also in line with the attitude of all customers to consider, with reasonable prices, thoughtful service, to ensure that every customer can get the most comfortable service, buy the most satisfactory products.


Asaka 10 ton mechanical rack jack are small, but they have extraordinary power. A single jack can lift a few tons to a hundred tons.For some special cases, sometimes need to use two or more jacks at the same time, so how to operate at this time?

1. The number of operators and jacks is the same

When multiple units are required to work together, it is important to ensure that the number of operators is the same as the number of equipment to ensure one-to-one operation.

2. Unified command by the commanding personnel

When multiple mechanical steel jack are used at the same time, there must be a unified command of the commander to ensure the consistency of the operation. This purpose is to simultaneously rise each key point, so as to avoid injury caused by uneven force.


3. The specifications of the jack should be consistent

In the case of special operation requirements, the model specifications of multiple screw jacks must be exactly the same, so as to ensure that each screw jack can operate safely within the rated load range, and ensure the safety and stability of operation.

Post time: Jun-29-2021