Attention should be paid to the use of screw jacks

Screw jack, also known as mechanical manual screw jack, is a small mechanical equipment operated by human, simple structure, reasonable use of the swing of the rocker, so that the pinion rotation drive screw.Simple maintenance, safe and reliable use.So what should be paid attention to when using?

When using screw jack, avoid by all means not to overload the use, do not operate more than one;

Always keep the surface of the body clean, often check whether the internal parts of the jack are intact without damage;

But also to keep the rocker pinion flexible and reliable and lifting sleeve lifting freely;

It should also be noted that the friction surface between the lifting cylinder and the shell should be often greased to maintain its lubrication, and the oil hole should also be often lubricated.


Because the screw jack is easy to carry, easy to maintain, safe and reliable to use, it is often used in vehicle maintenance, mining and construction projects.Then what maintenance and inspection need to be done before the jack is used.

The manual mechanical jacks in use should first look at the size of its rated weight, shall not exceed the rated capacity of the jack.

Then check whether the various parts of the jack mesh well.


After the parts are checked in good condition, according to the lifting object to choose the proper position of the jack point, check whether the jack is firm after the selection of the point of force, if necessary, the board or SLATE should be placed below the jack to prevent the first few depresses.

Post time: Jun-18-2021