How to deal with emergencies of electric hoist

In order to deal with sudden prosperous special equipment accidents, the following emergency plans are formulated:

1.When use the mini electric hoist 200 kg  and there is a sudden power failure, people should be organized to protect the scene, erect prohibition signs around the work site, and send relevant personnel on-site.

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2.When use the 2 ton electric chain hoist 220v , if the rope breaks, personnel should be organized to protect the site, send relevant personnel to overhaul, find out the problem, and report to the leader of the superior department in time.

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3. When use the mini electric hoist with extra long steel, the work piece falls and there are casualties, personnel should be organized to protect the scene, send the personnel on hand to the hospital for rescue in time, organize on-site meetings with relevant personnel, investigate the accident site and collect evidence, analyze the cause of the accident, and find out Responsibility for the accident, and truthfully report the accident to the supervisor.

4. In the event of a sudden power failure or a sudden equipment failure when the electric hoist is lifting heavy objects, the driver and command staff are not allowed to leave the scene. Anyone should be warned to pass through the dangerous area, and the hoist will be lifted after the power is restored or the equipment is processed. You can leave after placing the heavy objects.

5. When the brake of the lifting mechanism suddenly fails at work, be calm and calm, do slow and repeated lifting movements, and at the same time start the hoist and choose a safe place to put down the heavy objects.

The above are some responses to emergencies of electric hoists. Of course, this is not a comprehensive one. There are many things that need to be paid attention to and checked in advance to avoid danger.

Post time: Aug-28-2021