Lifting belt new scrapped with 8 standards

Everyone knows that webbing sling application security is important. All lifting equipment has a service life and scrap standard, lifting belt also has its scrap standard, once it reaches the scrap standard should be scrapped. In order to better ensure the lifting safety, the lifting sling manufacturer ZHIXING MACHINERY Co., Ltd. reminds us that the lifting belt should be scrapped if there is one of the following conditions during the whole application process.

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1. The webbing (including the protective shell) is seriously worn, broken, cut and torn, and the lifting belt appears dead buckle.

2. The load-bearing joint is in full bloom, the suture line is worn off, and the surface of the chemical fiber is not smooth and easy to fall off.

3. Because of time and environmental hazards, the chemical fibers in the milky lifting belt become soft, brittle, ductile, and compressive strength become weak.

4. There are too many spots on the surface of the flat sling, such as loose spots, strong acid and strong alkali ablation, heat capacitation or burning.

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5. The police line with the lifting belt of the red warning line is exposed.

6. If the mark of the lifting belt is lost and the mark is seriously worn, which makes the lifting belt’s rated lifting net weight difficult to identify and make clear, it shall also be scrapped.

7. When the surface of the lifting belt sling is worn and the wire is removed from the sleeve, it should be recleased and applied. However, if the rupture surface at one place is 1/4 of the total width, it should be scrapped.

8. When it is found that all positions of the end parts cause cracks, plastic deformation, screw slip lock shaft and buckle body cross section wear up to 3% ~ 5% of the original specifications, it should be scrapped

Post time: Jul-22-2021