Operation test and operation process introduction of electric chain hoist

Operation test

1. Operate the button switch and directly press the down button to operate the crane to descend until the limit spring touches the limit switch, at which time the motor automatically stops.

2. Press the up button directly until the chain is completely retracted into the chain bag and the motor stops running.

3. Test the emergency stop switch function of electric chain hoist.

4. Check the lubrication of the lifting chain.

5. Check the directionality of the chain purpose. All welding points should be in the same direction. Only when all the chain welding points are on the same line can the correct operation be completed.

Operation process

After completing the inspection and operation procedures, the electric hoist with trolley can be operated normally.

1. Before operating the equipment, the operator must have a clear view of the entire work area without any obstacles.

2. Before operating the equipment, the user must check the entire work area for safety hazards.

3. When using a motor to drive the trolley, the operator should be careful to avoid it. When switching the direction of the trolley, the lateral reverse force caused by the swing of the load may exceed the compliance of the trolley.

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Post time: Nov-22-2021