Screw Jack and Hydraulic Jack

Screw jacks and hydraulic jacks are lifting equipment, they have a good auxiliary role for lifting heavy work, but they also have obvious differences, let’s talk about the differences.between two kinds of jacks.

Screw jack is also called mechanical jacks, it is pure machinery, composed of the main frame, base, screw, lifting sleeve and ratchet group, etc., when using, by manually rotating the handle, the small bevel gear drives the big bevel gear, so that the screw moves up and down to top the weight lifting.

Hydraulic jack, the application of Pascal principle, when working with hydraulic oil to transfer power.Jack inside a small piston, at the time of use, handle the small piston pressure continuously, so that the small piston driven hydraulic oil pressure and hydraulic oil through pipeline into the lower part of the piston, hydraulic oil pressure effect on the large piston, upward pushes the piston, to form a large thrust, the small piston, the piston will slowly rise, thereby lifting.When the weight is lowered, the pressure relief valve is opened and the large piston retracts under the action of gravity.

Although there are differences in principle between screw jack and hydraulic jack, they are indispensable partners in weightlifting work.

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But in our actual work application, what kind of jack is most suitable for us?How to determine whether you need a screw jack or a hydraulic jack?I believe that this problem also troubles many customers,  today we will describe how to choose screw jack and hydraulic jack from several aspects , to solve your choice problem.

The jack has the function and role of jacking. At this point, the function of the two jacks is the same, but if it is different from the principle, we do not describe the principle here, or from the actual use of the customer, choose the right jack.

According to the use of characteristics, the most important point is that the screw jack can be placed flat, hydraulic can only be placed upright.If you need to lift the jack flat in actual use, then we suggest that you choose ASAKA screw jack.


ASAKA hand mechanical screw jackcan increase the translation device, in actual use, such as large objects need to be translated, such as buildings, etc., it is also recommended that you choose ASAKA screw jack.

Relatively speaking, the same tonnage of the jack,  hydraulic jack height and volume is small,  suitable for the use of small space, if you are in a narrow space to use or want to save space, and is upright use, it is recommended that you choose ASAKA hydraulic jack.

Post time: Jun-21-2021