What is the working principle of electric hoist? ASAKA picked up and said

The working principle of electric hoist is the first point, the main control valve control motor.Lifting equipment needs to have power when lifting heavy objects, so the motor of lifting hoist is the main driving force, and its role promotes the operation of electric hoist.Therefore, the motor is a very important component for the smooth lifting of the hoist. It can not only guarantee the safety well, but also realize the smooth lifting.


The working principle of electric hoist second point, is the lifting sprocket to achieve stable lifting.We should know that in lifting equipment, the lifting is also inseparable from the role of the chain.For example, the motor is relative to the heart of our people, and the chain is the arm, the former can play a power role, the latter is the connection role, can not be short of one.Chains have many advantages, such as very light, but also very durable, is a key part of lifting.Lifting sprocket can well control the lifting chain, and can play its role smoothly and effectively, but also appears to be very safe, in the process of operation is very stable.


The working principle of electric block third point, is the effective braking system, in the lifting process or at the end of the braking system will automatically work, will solve a lot of things, but also can play a braking role, is generally completed by the braking system can play a good role in braking.Moreover, the use of a variety of disc brake systems can make the braking system operate more safely and orderly.

Post time: Apr-23-2021