Ratchet Straps With Lock

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The ratchet tie down is made up of flat webbing, bolter and metal end fittings, and can be equipped with end parts according to actual needs.Widely used in the transportation of goods in the process of binding and trailer self-rescue.Binding belt with its small size, light weight, simple operation, safe and reliable, easy to carry and other advantages have gradually been widely used.

  • Raw material: High strength polyester
  • Certification: CE/GS
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  • Minimum order quantity: 50 piece
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    Material: high strength polyester yarn 45 # steel

    Equipment: woven by Mueller loom imported from Switzerland, dyeing machine imported from Germany, and sewed by automatic sewing machine imported from Japan. 

    Application scenarios: Mainly used for truck, trailer, ship or rail items and steel, wood and various pipe items binding, bolting, also suitable for vehicle trailer and rescue use.

    Quality inspection: each batch of products will be broken test, elongation test, color fastness test, etc., the pass rate can reach 100%

    Certification: CE certification

    Packing and shipping: high quality plastic seal and carton

    After-sales service: our company is responsible for the quality of each batch of goods, we promise that each batch of goods can be tracked, service to customer satisfaction

    ratchet tie down strap
    Art.No. Breaking Strength (kg) Strap Width (mm) Total Length (mm)
    LS01-008 800 25 6~12
    LS01-015 1500 25 6~12
    LS01-02 2000 35/50 6~12
    LS01-03 3000 35/50 6~12
    LS01-04 4000 50 6~12
    LS01-05 5000 50 6~12
    LS01-08 8000 75 6~12
    LS01-10 10000 100 6~12
    cargo lashing belt
    lashing belt cargo lashing strap

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