Classification and advantages and disadvantages of electric hoists

The design of the electric hoist meets the needs of workers and has its own distinctive characteristics, but any product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only by correctly understanding its advantages and disadvantages can we better understand the application, so as to achieve the purpose of better completing the work target. .
The electric hoist is a hoisting machine that compactly integrates the reel of the motor reduction mechanism, which can be used alone or as an electric monorail trolley. Common forms of electric hoists are divided into 0.5 ton wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoists. In special cases, plate chain electric hoists are also used in wire rope electric hoists. According to the arrangement of several main components such as motor, brake reducer, reel, etc., it can be divided into TV type CD (MD) type or DCHF Electric chain hoist.
0.5 ton wire rope electric hoist
The following focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of common wire rope electric hoists:
1.0.5 ton wire rope electric hoist with the motor axis parallel to the reel axis has the advantage of being small in height and length. Its defects are large width scale, grouping, complicated manufacturing and assembly, and large trajectory turning radius.
0.5 ton wire rope electric hoist2
2.The electric hoist with the motor installed in the drum has the advantages of small length scale and compact structure. The main defects are poor motor cooling conditions, poor grouping, inconvenience in viewing, equipment, and protection of the motor, and cluttered power supply equipment.
3. The electric hoist with the motor mounted on the outside of the reel has the advantages of good grouping, high degree of generalization, simple changing of the lifting height, and convenient equipment maintenance. The disadvantage is: the length scale is large.
4. The wire rope electric hoist can also increase or decrease the number of meters according to the length of the chain, which is roughly divided into two types, one is single speed. One is two-speed. One of the main advantages of the MD1 two-speed electric hoist is that when the heavy object is about to be lifted to the specified height, the button can be replaced to lower the lifting speed of the heavy object, which is safer to use.

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