Features and classification of screw jacks

The screw jack adopts mechanical transmission, mainly composed of screw rod, handle, base, screw sleeve, rotating rod, retaining ring and supporting cup parts.Screw jack is pure machinery, the use of screw lift to transfer power, like a wrench screw bolts, nuts, nuts, the bolt will stretch out, retract.

Of the characteristics of the mechanical track jack, screw jack with chromium treatment can increase the service life of the spindle appearance, its height is low, apply to the general operation demand of narrow space, hm is short, can be used repeatedly pad high, it is by the human through screw pair drive, its compact structure, low cost, use convenient to carry, can long-term support heavy weights, weight up to 100 tons, is more widely used.

Screw jack is divided into: fixed screw jack, fixed LQ screw jack and mobile screw jack three categories.


(1) there are two kinds of fixed screw jack: ordinary type and ratchet type. In the operation, it can not be moved before unloading.

(2) fixed LQ type screw jack is compact, light and convenient to use.It is composed of ratchet wheel group, bevel gear size, lifting sleeve, sawtooth screw, main frame, etc.When the handle is moved reciprocately, the bracing teeth push the ratchet group to rotate intermittently, and the small bevel gear drives the large bevel gear to rotate the serrated screw, thus making the lifting sleeve rise or fall.Because the thrust bearing rotates flexibly, the friction force is small, therefore the operation is sensitive, the work efficiency is high.


(3) mobile mechanical screw bottle jack is a jack that can be moved in the process of jacking. In operation, its movement is mainly based on the rotation of the horizontal screw at the bottom, so as to jack up or down the weight together with the jack to do horizontal movement.Therefore, mobile screw jack is very convenient to use in equipment installation and construction.

Post time: Jun-21-2021