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Mastering the Art of Chain Block Usage: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to lifting heavy objects with precision and control, a chain block is a valuable tool. Understanding how to use it correctly is essential for both efficiency and safety. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the proper techniques, safety measures, and maintenance tips to maximize the potential of your chain block.

1. Operating Basics:

  •    •   iWhen lifting a heavy object, pull the manual chain clockwise to rotate the hand chain wheel. For descent, pull the hand chain counterclockwise.
  •    •   The brake seat and the brake hand chain hoist piece function independently. The ratchet wheel, driven by the toothed long shaft, operates the lifting sprocket for smooth lowering of the heavy load.

2. Safety First:

  •    •   Never use the chain block beyond its rated capacity. Avoid using power other than manual force.
  •    •   Prior to usage, ensure all machine parts are intact, lubricate the transmission components and lifting chain, and check for normal idling conditions.
  •    •   Verify the firm hanging of upper and lower hooks, ensuring the lifting chain hangs vertically without twisted links. Double-row chain lower hook frames must not be turned over.

3. Proper Operation:

  •    •   Stand in the same plane as the hand chain wheel during operation. Pull the hand chain clockwise to lift the weight; pull it in the opposite direction for a controlled descent.
  •    •   Strictly prohibit any work or movement under heavy loads to prevent accidents.

4. Even and Gentle Force:

  •    •   Maintain even and gentle force during the lifting process. Avoid excessive force to prevent hand chain jumping or snapping.

5. Immediate Action on Anomalies:

  •    •   If the operator experiences greater hand pulling force than normal, cease usage immediately to prevent internal damage and potential accidents.
  •    •   After a safe landing of the heavy load, remove the lower hook of the chain hoist.

6. Post-Operation Care:

  •    •   Handle the chain block with care after use. Store it in a dry, ventilated place, apply lubricating oil, and stow it away properly for prolonged durability.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your chain block while prioritizing safety in every lifting operation. Always follow manufacturer recommendations and safety protocols for a seamless and secure lifting experience.

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