Do you know the four major causes of damage to the lifting belt

Flat sling are very common in our daily life, and the use efficiency is very high. They are often seen in the transportation and lifting heavy objects, and they also play an important role. However, many  customer will find that the lifting sling have to be replaced after a period of use. , So what exactly caused the damage to the lifting belt? Today I will share with you the four major reasons for the damage of the lifting belt:
1) It is often used in excess of the rated capacity, resulting in excessive use of the sling, deformation and thinning and lengthening of the sling, which damages the original structure of the sling and makes the sling be scrapped in advance.
2) The webbing lifting slings is corroded. When the sling is transported with corrosive objects or is exposed to prone to corrosive environment for a long time, it is easy to be contaminated with corrosive substances and corrode, and its performance is weakened. After the final use damage. Therefore, we should pay attention to the usage scenarios of reconciliation loans.
3) The flat lifting slings is exposed to the external environment for a long time, and the hoisting belt itself becomes fragile after being washed by rain or sun. It is easy to break and damage during the long-term use. We should strengthen the protection of slings.

4) The quality of the webbing sling itself is relatively poor, and it will not reach the standard during the use process, and it will be scrapped after a period of use. So when choosing a sling, you must choose ASAKA. We pay attention to the quality of the products, and we provide customers with the best products at the most favorable price.

Post time: Sep-17-2021