Precautions for choosing Bottle Jack

When we chose the hydraulic bottle jack, there are many things need to take into account, for example:

1,We need to confirm the rated capacity which we need, we recommended to chose the one which the rated lifting weight will higher than the load with 20%.

2.Body height and stroke: According to the requirements of industry and mining, select the appropriate body height and required stroke.

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3. Frequency of use: According to the requirements of the working conditions, a distinction is made between maintenance grade and industrial grade. If it is used for production or particularly high-frequency car hydraulic jacks, please specify.

4. High temperature or anti-corrosion requirements: According to actual working conditions, high temperature or anti-corrosion requirements are proposed, and special surface treatment methods and special material seals are adopted.

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5. If the hydraulic jack needs to resist the unbalanced load, a hydraulic jack with a special load-bearing design can be selected.

6. If you need to maintain the load for a long time, choose a self-locking hydraulic jack.

7. If you need to work in a small space, choose a thin jack.

8. If you need to go through a hydraulic jack, choose a hollow jack.

Post time: Aug-03-2021