Electric Hoist

ASAKA Crane is a professional manufacturer and supplier of electric hoists, with over 15 years of experience in the sales of electric hoists.
We design, manufacture and install wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists and winches.
Electric chain hoist: lifting capacity is 1-32 tons; Electric wire rope hoist: lifting capacity is 1-80 tons;
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DCHF Series Electric Chain Hoist

▶DCHF type electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting device.
▶The structure is very compact, the shell is made of high-light aluminum alloy material, small size, easy to use and maintain.
▶It can be installed on single beam cranes or on l-beam or H beam.It can also be fixed on the load bearing structure (optional) and can be used for lifting with the simple gantry or the electric hoist fixed on winch for lifting.

HHBB Series Electric Chain Hoist

Product introduction

▶ HHBB type electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment, which has the advantages of compact structure, light
weight, small size, strong versatility of parts and components, and convenient operation.
▶ HHBB electric chain hoist is widely used in industries and factories such as mold, machinery manufacturing, logistics,
shipbuilding, warehousing, bridge construction.
▶ The magnetic braking device can brake at the same time when the power is cut off to ensure that the lifting brake is absolutely

Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Product introduction

▶CD1 type electric hoist belongs to wire rope electric hoist.
▶CD1 type electric hoist has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, small size, convenient operation and easy maintenance.
▶It can be installed separately on the overhead I-beam, and can also be matched with the electric or manual single beam, double beam, cantilever, gantry and other cranes

ZXH Series Wire rope electric hoist

Product introduction

▶Compact structure, light dead weight, low wheel pressure, economical operation cost, environmental and energy saving
▶The leading technique and excellent performance can bring us an optimal limit size and equipment height. In the same working area, ZXH eletric wire rope hoist can cover a larger operating area, improve the utilization rate of plant spaceand reduce the blind area.
▶The style crane with ZXH electric hoist can efectively reduce the weight of the equipment to lower power comsumption, and the running noise is lower than the national standard.

PA mini electric hoist

Product introduction

▶PA mini electric hoist is also called civil electric hoist.
▶Generally divided into fixed type and running type, suitable for various occasions can lift the goods below 1000 kg, especially suitable for high-rise buildings from the downstairs lifting heavy items.Mini electric hoist speed can reach up to 10 m/min, steel wire rope at the beginning of design for 12 meters long (lengthening can be customized), in terms of hook, specially designed for the advanced double Settings, greatly increased the mini electric hoist lifting weight, miniature civil electric hoist with 220 v power supply, especially suitable for daily civilian, industrial production line, the freight logistics, etc.

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