What are the differences between chain hoist and lever hoist

First, the difference in working principle:

The chain hoist rotates by pulling the hand chain and hand sprocket, pressing the friction ratchet and brake seat into one and rotating together. The 5 tooth long shaft rotates the piece gear, the 4 tooth short shaft and the spline hole gear.In this way, the lifting sprocket on the spline hole gear drives the lifting chain, thus steadily lifting the weight.

The product adopts ratchet friction disc type one-way brake, which can brake by itself under load, and the ratchet pawl meshing with the ratchet wheel under the action of spring to ensure the safe work of the brake.It is safe and reliable, easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, bracelet pulling force is small, light weight to carry, the characteristics of the small size of beautiful appearance, durable, suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, piers, docks, warehouse, etc. Used for machine installation, lifting goods, especially for the open and no power operation, and flammable and explosive place more, have an important role.

Lever hoist is through the human pull handle with the lever principle to obtain the linear traction matching with the load, rotation of the action on a clamp body of the load inside the movement, drive the load operation.It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size, easy to carry, safe and reliable, long service life, small hand pull force on the wire rope wear and so on.

It can carry out lifting, lowering, calibration and other operations.If equipped with special equipment, not only can do non-linear pull operation, but also can be very convenient to choose the appropriate operation position, or with smaller tonnage of the machine to multiply its load capacity, for larger tonnage of the load can be used by several machines and tools parallel operation.

See the picture of ASAKAgourd below for details.

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Second. Which is more labor-saving when using chain hoist or lever hoist?

Hand pull hoist design is mainly to deal with the space is small or not a good tension posture when used, the general hand pull hoist is used as a horizontal tension, horizontal use of labor, hand pull hoist is vertical use, vertical use of labor.Hand pull hoist is driven not by hand pull chain, but by rocker.

Thirdly, chain hoist and lever hoist which is more widely used?

Free lever hoist gear, you turn the lever hoist braking to gap when your hands to pull up the weight will be easy to pull down, or to pull back and convenient adjustment lever hoist and traction distance, convenient and rapid traction | or lifting, another lever hoist chain blocks with the same lifting volume comparison,Hand pulling calabash is much smaller than hand pulling calabash, and it is more efficient from the function of hand pulling calabash with wider application.

Post time: Apr-30-2021