Material handling

Material handling

Manual car

Product introduction

▶The single-track trolley, also known as a monorail crane, can be divided into two types: the hand-pulled trolley and the hand-pushed trolley.
▶ The hand-pulled trolley is driven by a hand chain, while the hand-pushed trolley is driven by pushing and is capable of smoothly moving on the lower flange of an I-beam track.
▶Moreover, the wheel spacing of the trolley can be adjusted according to the width requirements of the I-beam track. By suspending a manual hoist beneath the trolley, it can be configured into a manual lifting and transport trolley.

Manual winch

▶The manual winch is a safety device designed for vehicle self-rescue in challenging environments such as muddy mountain roads.
▶Additionally, it can be used for tasks like clearing obstacles, towing objects, and installing manual winch facilities.
▶Widely utilized in military, police, petroleum, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, border defense, firefighting, and various outdoor activities, the manual winch is an indispensable safety tool.

Carrying tanks

Product introduction

▶When transporting large or distant equipment, the manual winch, in conjunction with pry bars or claw-type jacks, is used to move heavy goods, saving a significant amount of manpower and time.
▶Convenient and efficient to use, it is an ideal tool for handling heavy equipment.
▶ It is suitable for the movement of various small, medium, large, and heavy equipment, as well as heavy loads such as shipping containers.

Lifting Clamp

Product introduction

▶The lifting clamp is characterized by its ability to evenly distribute the load during horizontal lifting.
▶During lifting operations, the lifting clamp is opened and securely clamped onto the object to be lifted, and then the lifting process takes place.
▶When disassembling, the lifting clamp should be removed after the load is placed on the ground, and in the absence of a load.
▶The vertical lifting clamp is equipped with a self-locking device, ensuring safe and reliable operation. It is easy to operate, efficient, and requires simple maintenance.





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