Intelligent inverter electric chain hoist

Short Description:

  • Model: DCHXF
  • Capacity: 80KG,125KG,250KG,300KG,500KG
  • Lifting Height: 2M-6M
  • Voltage (V/HZ): 220V-240V 380V-415V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Brand: ASAKA or OEM
  • Warranty: 12 month
  • Certification: CE Certificate

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    Short Description:

    ASAKA intelligent electric chain balancing hoist
    The control mode is handle operation+suspension can perform fine ultra-low speed movements with a minimumof 0.3mm, precise positioning.Perfect for precision assembly Operation, up & down assembly tasks and handling of fragile goods.The lifting speed is stepless speed regulation, and the lifting process is smooth without jerk.
    The combination of hoist can be matched with special specifications of clamps to meet the diverse production needs of users.
    The size, structure and working principle of the clamps can be designed according to the customer's material and use requirements.

    Featured fine adjustment function: the minimum displacement is only 0.3mm

    (1) The control method is handle operation + floating operation. Two operations are automatically switched when holding the
    handle, and the lifting speed is stepless speed regulation;
    (2) Fine adjustment mode: Enter through the button in the lower left corner. The distance of 0.3mm/0. 9mm/10mm can be adjusted
    through L/M/H gear. .
    (3) The control panel button interface and the control panel and servo drive connection line interface adopt XH2.54 connector
    terminals, modular design;
    (4) The 1.3-inch LCD screen can accurately display the weight of the goods and the current mode;
    (5) When the heavy object is hovering for more than a certain time (adjustable by pressing the button, 120s by default), the
    mechanical brake of the motor is turned off and the manual mode is automatically switched to achieve the effect of energy
    saving and power saving;
    (6) Button functions include: minimum and maximum speed adjustment, tare, fine adjustment of gears (hree gears), jog up, jog
    down, hand pressure and hand rest force adjustment;
    (7) After the lift is stabilized by operating the handle, it can automatically enter the suspension mode without additional operations;
    (8) Servo drive parameter settings only need to be set before the hoist leaves the factory, no end user adjustment is required;
    (9) There is no frustration during the lifting and moving of heavy objects, and the operation is smooth.

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