Fixed Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Short Description:

  • Model: ZXH
  • Capacity: 3.2-80T
  • Lifting Height: 3-100M
  • Voltage (V/HZ): 220V-240V 380V-415V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Brand: ASAKA or OEM
  • Warranty: 12 month
  • Certification: CE Certificate

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    ZXH Series Variable Frequency Wire Rope Electric Hoists Advantages:
    1.lnnovation based on rich experience
    2.Compact structure guarantees energy conservationHigh-efficienct transmission system
    3.Excellent performance with safety and reliability
    ▶Compact structure, light dead weight, low wheel pressure, economical operation cost,environmental and energy saving
    The leading technique and excellent performance can bring us an optimal limit size and equipment height. In the sameworking area,ZXH electric wire rope hoist can cover a larger operating area, improve the utilization rate of plant spaceand reduce the blind area.
    The Style crane with ZXH electric hoist can effectively reduce the weight of the equipment to lower power comsumption, and the running noise is lower than the national standard.Hence it is known as an equipment withcomfort of operation, economical cost, and low energy consumption.
    ▶High-quality components, modular design, safe, reliable and durable
    The triad lfting mechanism specially designed for ZXH series electric hoists has compact structure and excellentperformance, The deceleration gear with high precision grinding and tooth surface hardening treatment is durable andlow noise.
    The power load of the lifting motor has reached 60%。This not only can meet the production requirement of highfrequency use, but also can improve the product reliability,. The imported brake disc has excellent wear resistance ofwhich service braking life is up to more than 1 million times.
    ▶Precise positioning, efficient running and high production efficiency
    Standard double speed liting(variable frequency is optional) and frequency conversion control for crane trolley bringsan efficient operation of the crane,This greatly improves the logistics efficiency of the workshop, and can assure theaccomplishment of work plans on time.
    The application of frequency conversion technology can effectively reduce the shaking during load lifting for fast andprecision positioning. lt can also obviously reduce the impact in the starting and braking process.The lifting willbecome more stable and safe.
    ▶lntelligent control system, humanized design, convenient operation
    The patented control systen and the man-machine friendly interface design can record and monitor theoperation status of electric hoists, operation condition of the motor and the safety work period. It also has a warningfunction.The operation record provides a data basis for a timely and accurate maintenance.

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