HHBB Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist

Short Description:

  • Model: ZX-HHBB
  • Rated Capacity: 500Kg-32Ton
  • Voltage: 220V - 440V
  • Standard L. H: 3-9 M
  • Brand: ASAKA or OEM
  • Warranty: 12 Month
  • Certificatio: CE

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    Small crane lifting tool moveable HHBB 5ton chain electric hoist with electric trolley and hook

    ▶ HHBB Fixed type electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment, which has the advantages of compact structure, light
    weight, small size, strong versatility of parts and components, and convenient operation.
    ▶ HHBB electric chain hoist is widely used in industries and factories such as mold, machinery manufacturing, logistics,
    shipbuilding, warehousing, bridge construction.
    ▶ The magnetic braking device can brake at the same time when the power is cut off to ensure that the lifting brake is absolutely

    1. The installation position of the electric chain hoist must be selected in the occasion that meets the needs.
    2. Regularly check whether the installation of the electric chain hoist is firm.
    3. Please do not overload or use an electric chain hoist when you are not sure about the weight of the lifting goods.
    4. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to stand under the lifting weight when lifting the heavy weight with the electric chain
    5. Please do not modify the parts of the electric chain hoist at will.
    6. When operating the chain, please wear thick gloves to avoid slipping or puncture.

    Material: High quality alloy steel

    Application scenarios: widely used in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications and other industries

    Quality inspection: Light load test Heavy load test Broken test

    Certification: CE certification

    Packing and shipping: wooden case

    After-sales service: our company is responsible for the quality of each batch of goods, we promise that each batch of goods can be tracked, service to customer satisfaction


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