Claw jack

Claw jack is a light and small lifting equipment that uses rigid jacking parts as working devices and jacks heavy objects in a small stroke through the top bracket or the bottom bracket. This jack can not be used when the general jack can not match the height of the top weight. The rocker can rotate 270°. When reaching the height limit, the oil will be returned automatically.


This mechanical claw jack using R22 or R32 hydraulic oil, do not use other oil body lest affect normal use of jack, please place the jack when refueling normal upright position, go to go empty oil overflow so far that is filled with oil, this product is its main shaft through special processing and is smooth, reduces friction between the upper and lower oil seal, and put an end to the jack the usual oil spill, Prevent the accidents caused by the tilt of heavy objects during the lifting process caused by oil leakage. This product has 32 high precision parts, absolutely

guarantee the user’s safety and product quality assurance.


Before use, the lift jack mechanical is placed smoothly. Before lifting, the soft and hard degree of the ground should be considered to prevent the skew and danger of heavy objects in the lifting process.

Advantages of  ASAKA Claw Jack:

1, claw type jack claw integral molding, durable

2. Claw jack is easy to carry.

3, claw type jack hydraulic cylinder wall and spindle wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high sealing increase its service life.

4. Claw jack active spring can automatically and quickly retract.

5, claw jack of high quality, good quality, safe and convenient use

Post time: Jul-13-2021