Mechanical jack

 Mechanical jack is a kind of Hand jacks, it plays the same role as  jacks. They are used to lift heavy objects, but their power is hand force.

Hand jack is mainly the use of lever principle of lifting, so it can be used at any Angle when there are supports or stress points, convenient lifting, lifting or horizontal movement.The shape of the ASAKA hand slung top is similar to the claw jack. The hand jack also has a claw. The head and claw of the hand jack can be lifted, and the head lifting weight is twice the claw.Hand jacks are different from claw jacks in that claw jacks are hydraulic, and hand jacks are mechanical, which achieve the purpose of lifting heavy objects through hand force.
Mechanical jack

The advantages of mechanical jack 5 ton:

1, The stroke of the hand jack is the largest in all the jacks, the stroke of the hand jack is the minimum of 300mm, the maximum can reach 410mm, the stroke of the general hydraulic jack is between 100-200mm.

2, Mechanical jack can be used standing by mechanical jack pallet ,can also be used horizontally can also be used diagonally, the top and the arm can be used.
Mechanical jack-2

3, The hand jack adopts the latest materials, fine workmanship, not when the hand handle can be folded and put up without taking up space.

4, Hand jack stability is good, low lifting starting point, light weight, easy to carry, welcomed by all industries!

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Post time: Jul-08-2021