Introduction to the safety device of ASAKA HHBB electric chain hoist

HHBB electric chain hoist is a very cost-effective electric chain hoist launched by our company. Below we will give a detailed introduction to the safety device of this electric hoist:

1. Motor brake “Electromagnetic brake” is a unique brake design. Its characteristic is that even under a full load, when the power is turned off, the brakes will act immediately.
2. Hook and fuse
The hook of new model chain hoist 2021is just forged with high tensile strength and has been heat-treated to meet the requirements of load strength and hardness. The bottom hook can be rotated 360° horizontally, and it is equipped with hook fuse to ensure safety during take-off and landing.
3. Phase protection relay
The circuit design of the phase protection relay can protect and prevent the motor from burning out when the phase of the motor power supply is connected incorrectly.
4. Limit switch
The upper and lower limit switches can automatically cut off the power when the limit is exceeded during lifting and lowering to prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety.
5. Emergency stop switch (optional)

This button is used to stop the 2 ton electric hoist without trolley in an emergency. It is a red, mushroom-shaped button located at the top of the button switch. When the button is pressed, the power of the device will be cut off and the button will be automatically locked. Turn clockwise to release the button and restart the electric hoist.

Post time: Aug-31-2021