Daily maintenance of manual lever hoist

1. For daily maintenance of the lever block 5 ton, the body can be immersed in a kerosene tank, soaked for several minutes and shaken several times, after draining the dirty oil, drip a few drops of oil into the movement.

2. The internal structural parts of the hand lever should be cleaned and lubricated according to the conditions of use. If there is a lot of dirt accumulated in the machine, the hoist should be disassembled to prevent the movement from being blocked and affecting the use. A cleaning and maintenance should be carried out after each project is completed.

ever hoist 1.5 ton


3. After the parts of the machine body are disassembled and cleaned, they are installed in their original positions and checked and confirmed to be normal before they can be used.

4. The riveting part of the best lever chain hoist cannot be disassembled.

5. When reassembling, the length and short direction of the clip must be reassembled as shown in the structure diagram.

6. Disassembly and maintenance should be carried out by skilled workers with maintenance experience and mechanical knowledge.



In addition, pay attention to avoid overloading and use the lever hoist. The weight of the chain components will become greater. At the same time, according to the principles of physics, the friction between the chain and the sprocket components directly in contact with it will also follow. Increase, so it will increase the friction between these two parts.

Post time: Sep-28-2021