The reason why the chain block will slip

Have you even met such situation: during the process of using chain hoist, the chain hoist will slip, actually, one of the factors which will make the chain hoist slip is the friction disk, then what is the reason which will result in the friction disk slip?

Next, I will introduce you some reason which will result in the slip of friction slip, hoping it will helpful for you to use the chain hoist in the future.

First, The difference of friction disk in the manual chain hoist

Due to different raw material, different factories will manufacture different quality of friction disk, the friction disk which use raw material in cheap price will in bad quality, so it is more easy to slip.


Second, Do not protect manual chain block well.

After using the chain hoist, we have to focus on maintenance of chain hoist, If there are too much oil stain in the interior of chain hoist, which will also make the chain hoist slip, because too much oil stain will damage the surface of friction disk, it is also easy to slip with friction without force of friction.

Third, Overload

Due to the overload, the surface of friction disk will be damaged too, once the friction disk have been damaged, the force of friction will lower, which will make the chain hoist slips.  So in order to make the service life of chain hoist more longer, ZHIXING MACHINERY advise you do not use chain hoist in overload situation.

Friction disk is one of the most important components in chain block 2 ton, we must focus on the maintenance of it, we need to change it when we found the component is damaged.

Generally speaking, the thick of a new friction disk is around 15mm, it will become more and more thick during the process of using, ZHIXING MACHINERY reminder: When the thickness of the friction plate is only one-third of the original thickness, it needs to be replaced.

Post time: Sep-07-2021