What are the advantages of the heavy duty retractable ratchet straps

1. More secure and unwavering

    The unique tightening tool for stainless steel cable ties can create a tensile force of at least 2,000 pounds, bringing the steel strip closer to the surface of the different binding object, making it stronger and safer. Especially suitable for the immobilization of irregular objects.

2.The application of stainless steel cable ties can be done once and for all 

Tighten the general plastic hose clamp and iron clamp. Under high-vibration conditions, the strip heavy duty straps with hooks screws will loosen during growth time, making the product unusable. The impermeable steel cable ties are made of unique tools, which cause a lot of energy to shrink, and will not loosen after tightening, which will greatly reduce your quality report.


3.Super heat resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance,

The yellow ratchet strap has excellent heat resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. They are especially suitable for places that must be acid and corrosion resistant. Compared with the anti-rust treatment and spraying of plastic hose clamps and other commodities, stainless steel cable ties are your ideal choice for stainless steel cable ties and road traffic signs


4. Stronger safety factor

  Compared with fixed anchor bolts, it is not easy to rust and can give detailed scientific data information and quality assurance. It can prevent rusty anchor bolts from exploding guide signs, which will help prevent some engineering and construction companies from deliberately or inadvertently using fake and inferior raw materials. Lead to security risks.

5. Standardization and artistic aesthetics

   When set, it is quite large or small, close to the work surface, and has a unique appearance, which is more in line with Hangzhou’s basic construction of an international sanitary city. Reduce construction companies to choose a variety of fixed methods, so that construction companies are closer to standardization

6. Reduce daily labor

When a strong typhoon or heavy rain comes, it is not necessary to check whether the anchor bolts are corroded and cause safety risks. Once tied, it will benefit, reducing the need for replacement parts and eliminating the use of anti-corrosion paint.

Post time: Sep-26-2021