LS Type Ratchet Tie Dow

Short Description:

  • Model: LS Type
  • Capacity: 250kg-10ton
  • Safety Factor: 2:1 3:1
  • Brand: ASAKA or OEM
  • Warranty: 12 Month
  • Certification: CE Certificate

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    ASASKA Ratchet Tie Down - Secure Your Cargo with Confidence

    ASASKA Ratchet Tie Downs are your reliable companion for a diverse range of applications, ensuring a Safety-First approach that delivers outstanding performance in every circumstance. Our tie-downs are designed for ease of use, featuring a quick-release ratchet mechanism and ergonomic handles for comfortable operation.

    Key Features:

    • ▶Versatile Applications: ASASKA Ratchet Tie Downs are suitable for a wide variety of applications, making them the go-to choice for securing your cargo. Whether you're hauling loads on your automobile, truck, trailer, or need anchor hooks for dependable cinching, our tie-downs have you covered.
    • ▶Quick-Release Ratchet: Experience hassle-free operation with our quick-release ratchet mechanism. This feature ensures swift and efficient securing of your cargo, saving you time and effort.
    • ▶Ergonomic Handles: Our tie-downs are designed with user comfort in mind. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, making the tightening and releasing process easy and efficient.
    • ▶Weather-Resistant Polyester Webbing: The tie-downs feature weather-resistant webbing made from strong polyester. This ensures durability in various weather conditions, keeping your cargo secure even in challenging environments.
    • ▶Abrasion-Resistant and Durable: ASASKA webbing is built to withstand abrasion, ensuring longevity and reliability. It won't rot or mildew, maximizing strength while remaining lightweight and easy to transport.
    • ▶Secure High-Tension Transport: With easy-to-use ratchet handles and different types of hooks, ASASKA Ratchet Tie Downs allow for secure, high-tension transport. Perfect for meeting the demands of your most challenging cargo needs.


    • ▶Material: 100% Polyester Webbing
    • ▶Durability: All-metal ratchet and handle for long-lasting performance
    • ▶Safety Standards: Conforms to EN12195-2:2001
    • ▶Quick Release Mechanism: Ensures easy and efficient use

    ASASKA Ratchet Tie Downs are not just straps; they are a commitment to safety, reliability, and convenience. Trust in our quality and secure your cargo with confidence. Whether you're on the road or at the worksite, ASASKA has you covered.

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