How is the electric chain block usually priced

How is the electric chain block usually priced

In the past two years, the utilization rate of electric hoists has gradually increased, especially in some construction industries and corporate plants. The electric hoist is light and compact, with many types, which can meet the needs of different places and greatly improve the work efficiency. So how is the price of the electric hoist usually set?

low headroom electric chain hoist

1. The quality of accessories

The accessories materials used by major electric hoist manufacturers are different, and the prices of first-line accessories and second- and third-tier brands are also very different. Naturally, the price of electric hoist with high cost will be higher in the later period.

2. Manufacturing technology and quality of electric chain hoist with manual trolley

Good electric hoists have been strictly tested before they leave the factory, and all indicators have reached high requirements. They have their own core technology, guaranteed quality, and high prices.

electric chain block

3. Brand difference of low headroom electric chain hoist

As with any product, different brands have different prices. Everyone can understand this. This is why many people pursue famous brands.

4. Market demand

The quantity of electric hoist products refers to the supply in the market and the quantity purchased by customers. Since ancient times, when the market supply exceeds demand, the price of goods falls, and when demand exceeds supply, the price of goods rises. The price of electric hoists also conforms to this market law. .

In addition, later labor costs and product profits also need to be added. Therefore, if the electric hoist products are too cheap, we need to consider whether the intermediate links are cutting corners or using inferior parts and materials.

Post time: Oct-14-2021